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The applicant shall be required to provide his/her Rhode Island driver's license number if the applicant has been issued a current and valid Rhode Island driver's license. In the case of an applicant who has not been issued a current and valid driver's license he/she must provide the last four (4) digits of his/her social security number. If you do not have a Social Security Number, please write "NONE" in the box, and you will be assigned a unique identifying number by the State of Rhode Island.

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In Rhode Island, a person must register with a party if he/she wishes to take part in that party's primary election. A person who fails to register with a party at the time of registration may, if he/she chooses, register with a party on the day of that party's primary and take part in that party's primary election. If a person does not register with a party, he/she can still vote in general elections and non-partisan primary elections.

Rhode Island does not ask you to include your race or ethnicity in order to vote -- choosing it here is completely optional.