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The last four digits of your Social Security number OR your New Jersey Driver's License number is required for voter registration. If you do not possess either of these identifications, please write "NONE" on the form. The State will assign a number that will serve to identify you for voter registration purposes.

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New Jersey's voter registration form does not provide a check-off for political party affiliation. A newly registered voter or voter who has never voted in a political party primary election can declare party affiliation at the polling place on the day of a primary election. In New Jersey, a primary election is only held for the Democratic and Republican parties. A voter may also file a political party declaration form to become a member of a political party. If a declared voter wished to change party affiliation he or she must file a declaration form 50 days before the primary election, in order to vote.

New Jersey does not ask you to include your race or ethnicity in order to vote -- choosing it here is completely optional.